Specialty amcn

So very proud of our ArcticVoice team!!!
Today at the national specialty of the AMCN
Our youngest girl ArcticVoice Angels Kiss “Sookie” took BOS ,the crazy little clown perfectly handled by Indy Engels
They both showed their little buts off
But that’s not all,

*ArcticVoice Blue Lagoon “Blue”

*ArcticVoice My interpretation “Grimm”

*ArcticVoice Angels Kiss “Sookie”BESTE TEEF double CAC

*ArcticVoice Family Portret “Vienna”

*Marahootay Desert Orchid “Pink”

*Grimm&Pink best couple
And to finnish it of we took best in breedersclass

It was a wonderfull but very hot day!
And Indy Engels you are the best